Anyone who has had anything to do with this wild ride that was cool with their picture being up :D

Cassidy Ward, USA

Cassidy once got an A- in a university level Astronomy class. He is also the proud owner of three telescopes, which according to some is at least two more than a person needs, he disagrees. Cassidy is also the product of billions of years of chemical and biological change and he thinks that's pretty rad. Cassidy looks forward to the eventual convergence of humanity with machines, and in fact, he's getting a little impatient.

Jeroen Delcour, Netherlands

Jeroen is a caffeine-fueled pipette pusher, hoping to one day call himself 'Master of Molecular Neuroscience' and be called a showoff rather than an imposter. Meanwhile, he spends his days indulging in some light computer science and wondering how humanity will survive in a post-coffee-market-crash world.

Mariska Willemsen, Netherlands

I want to be the very best. Like no one ever was.
To research brains is my real test; to slice them is my cause.
I will run around the lab, pipetting far and wide.
These neuron cells to understand, the power that’s inside.
Neuron cells, understand them all, it’s them and me. I know it is my destiny.
Neuron cells, oh they’re my best friends, in a paper that I must defend.
Neuron cells, understand them all, it’s true! On my coffee I rely to pull me through.
They teach me how they must work, neuron cells!
Understand them all, understand them all! Neuron cells.

Jarrod Moore, USA

A real background ninja, Jarrod is the founder of All For Science and co-founder of CosmoCast, formerly known as Magnificent Cosmonauts Podcast. He is renown for  his incredibly distorted sleeping schedule and love of pharmaceutical grade caffeine. Some say there may be a relation between the two. He's the one on the right, by the way.

Colin Thomas Nichols, USA

Colin is a world-class multi-tasker: balancing hobbies such as writing and directing short films, writing instrumental prog-rock music, composing film scores, modding Kerbal Space Program, editing MicroCosmos episodes, building simple electronics circuits and pursuing a degree in Geophysics. He also tells us he occasionally sleeps and eats - although we're pretty sure by "sleep and eat," he means "drink more coffee."

Plamen Dobrev, Bulgaria

A tall, pale, Eastern European guy, whose wardrobe is predominantly black, who prefers night to day, tends to avoid mirrors and never smiles with teeth... Come on, people! Connect those dots already!

When he's not hanging with the ladies back at his castle,  he's been known to moonlight as an editor for the video version of CosmoCast and an all around website handyman.

Marshall Gatten, USA

When Marshall isn't fly fishing the rivers of New Mexico, building things from wood in his workshop, programming the computers in his office, or indulging in the ultimate geekery of pencil and paper role-playing games, he likes to peer through microscopes and telescopes. He might be looking among the stars to find his home planet, but if that's the case then he ain't sayin'. He believes in science for all, and contributes to public science outreach efforts every chance he gets.

John Tackman, Finland

John, the scuba diving bookworm gamer that he is, reads tons of hard sci-fi and has a zombie basement. That is more than enough to qualify him for the coveted title of certified nerd. When he's not holding a diving regulator or a book, he likes to tinker with data, code and mechanics. And in the interest of complete honesty, you must know he wields a sword with sufficient aptitude for it to be wise to mind your distance.